The Grandparents

Hi, my name is Mark Gillis. My wife Jane and I are living the dream in a little town in central Arkansas called Tull. I am the 3rd generation of my family to live here on this ‘gentleman farm’. I have worked with animals and pets since childhood. I trained my first horse at age eight and by the time I was ten I had trained my dad’s Redbone hound to sit and roll over. Qualities that my dad pointed out were not necessary for a successful hunting dog. I grew up with dogs. My first dog also doubled as a babysitter for me. She would sleep under my bed and if I woke up and started making noise, she would go get my mother to come see about me. I have owned Goldens and Labs for the past 37 years and Jane has had Labs and Goldens for over 30 years.

Nearly ten years ago Jane and I were in Las Vegas at the Cowboy Christmas Show walking around and she asked the big question of “Why isn’t there a Santa Clause in this show to talk to the kids?” After we got home, we kept thinking about that and made a commitment to be at the next show. Thinking it would be fun was our motivation but that changed as soon as the first child walked up and climbed onto Santa’s lap. That look of sheer joy and innocence would make both Santa and Mrs. Claus’s eyes water. I’m too old to be a Santa’s helper now but again Jane and I were talking, and we honestly believe that seeing a new puppy for the first time will be that same look as seeing Santa.

Purposely we are a small operation with never having over three momma dogs in house at a time. Our momma dogs are our outside pets, and we play with them daily. So far ‘sit’ has been the extent of my successful training but I’ll keep working with them on ‘heel’ and ‘lie down’. Loving and snuggling are two attributes that they came with from birth. I estimate that I get over 200 doggie kisses every day.

In today’s world we all must be keenly aware of scams and ways that unscrupulous people work hard to separate us from our money. That is not a worry you will have dealing with us at Curly Q Doodles. We are a registered company with the Grant County Clerks Office and belong to the local Chamber of Commerce.

Our goal is to provide you with a happy healthy puppy that you can acclimate into your family for many years to come. After you get your puppy all we ask of you is to keep your pup current on all shots and meds, keep them brushed and well fed and have the time of your life playing with an animal that has no boundaries of the amount of love they will show you.

More about our moms

Our ladies are not just momma dogs to us. They are as much a part of our family as “Bruiser” our 12-year-old Golden Retriever was. I’m pretty well convinced that our dogs are conspiring against me because at 7:00 every morning they start barking for breakfast and will continue barking until they see me turn on the light in the kitchen. At that point they will stop barking and take a nap while I am getting ready to come to the kennel and give them breakfast.

We make sure that our dogs are treated like royalty. They get regular shampooing and grooming every six weeks. All our dogs are tested for bad knees, hips and shoulders and get the usual rabies and kennel cough shots.

Our puppies receive the best of care. They are regularly wormed and will have received two of their four Parvo injections and their five-way shot before leaving here to go to their permanent homes.

Curly Q Doodles

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